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Pediatric Services

We use a more individualized and comprehensive approach to pediatric medicine. Our personalized treatment plans address the health and wellness needs of your family, from infant through adolescence, integrating both conventional and holistic care. We are a direct primary care office and offer full-service pediatric care.

We also see kids with chronic illnesses such as eczema, constipation, asthma, adhd, abdominal pain, headaches and more. With the help of functional medicine labs, we find the root cause of these issues. The functional labs we generally use are: food sensitivity testing, stool testing, heavy metal hair testing, urine mold test, and urine OATS test.

Pediatric Health Coaching


Includes three sessions with unique strategies and tips to understand and overcome picky eating.

Adult Health Coaching


Want a pantry make-over but don’t know where to start? Have our health coach do a phone call with you to find out what your current food staples are then meet with her at the grocery store to find healthier alternatives and learn what to look for on food labels. Available at Metropolitan Trader Joe’s, and South Park Harris Teeter and Whole Foods.


Want to get a jump start on your health? This 10 day detox is for individuals, couples, and groups. During this 10 day food based detox you will gradually eliminate toxins from your body and life while learning the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.


6 Session uniquely designed to help meet your personal wellness goals

Additional Health & Wellness Services

*Isolated Testing for adults only(18 years and older)


Includes food allergen and sensitivity testing and review with IHC Health and Wellness Director


Researchers estimate that at least 60% of the U.S. population suffers from unsuspected food reactions that can cause or complicate health problems. Symptoms can be extraordinarily diverse, ranging from arthritis to eczema to migraines. We test for allergens and sensitivities in 88 different types of commonly eaten foods. Unlike most food sensitivity tests on the market that only measure for 1 dietary antigen sensitivity we test for 4- IGE, IG4, IgG, and C3D and have you review your test with our Healthy and Wellness Director to tell you how to replace foods, for how long, how to reintroduce foods, and how to minimize your risk for developing future food sensitivities.


Includes digestive analysis testing and review with IHC Health and Wellness Director


While traditional stool cultures only look for a few pathogenic gut flora, this test evaluates hundreds of different species of flora to assess the impact on intestinal health. Often, many conditions that are thought to be permanent can be corrected or greatly improved by assessing gut ecology and treating accordingly. Bacteria, yeast, and parasites that may be harbored in the gut can contribute to fatigue, gas, bloating, diarrhea and constipation. In addition to testing gut bugs, this stool culture shows you markers for inflammation in the gut to gauge improvement of care. Markers that show how well one is absorbing are also illustrated. A number of short chain fatty acids are shown which are indicators for how strong the gut wall is. All fundamental building blocks for gut health are included in this profile. The Complete Stool culture includes all gut bugs, measures of gut lining to assess gut permeability, as well as measures of absorption and digestive enzymes. This test is reviewed by our health and wellness director with the client and various food and supplement recommendations are made based on results.


Food Sensitivity Testing: $718.80

Stool Testing: $718.80

Picky Eating: $599

VIP Grocery Tour: $399

10 Day Detox: $599 individual-partner and group rates available

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