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My mission is to Educate, Inspire, and Empower families to raise healthy children with less medication.

Hi, I’m Dr. Ana-Maria Temple. I’m a Pediatrician living in Charlotte, NC.

Most families are frustrated with the care they receive in our broken health care system. In my practice, we help families implement changes for a better way of life. My approach helps children and families achieve a better quality of life with less missed school days, less doctor visits, and less medications. Through a personalized approach, my mission is to elevate the health of the entire family, one individual at a time.

I am a pediatrician specializing in children’s wellness, mother of 3, and practice what I preach. My mission is to change kids and families lives through clinical work and education.

In Good Health,

Dr. Ana-Maria

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About My Practice

Are you tired of prescription medications thrown at problems? Are you tired of specialist visits? Are you tired of non personalized cookbook medicine? If you expect more from medical care, if the wellness of your children and family is of utmost importance, then you have come to the right place.

Dr. Temple's services offered :

  • New Born Care
  • Well Child Care 0-22yrs old
  • Vaccinations
  • Sports Physicals
  • Ear Piercing
  • Functional Medicine
  • Functional Nutrition
  • Wellness
  • Advanced Testing & Diagnostics
  • 24/7 Direct Access to your Providers, Education Guides & Webinars

What others are saying?


Dr. Temple is by far my favorite doctor-ever. She is responsive when I’ve called & panicked and helped me outside of her hours. She is always attentive to my children when she sees them. She talks to them, not over them. helped educate me on healthier choices for our entire family


Dr. Temple is the only Pediatrician who has actually listened to my concerns as a mother. She took the time to answer and address all my questions and concerns at each and every visit. My children love her!
She is nurturing and so approachable.


Dr. Temple is always learning and exploring new + CLEAN ways of treating the whole child. She is tech savvy and offers many online outlets to share her knowledge on raising whole and healthy children. She always addresses treatment from a wellness perspective.



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